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  • Dr. James Fonner

Adventures Galore in Columbus, Ohio

If you have a chance to spend some time in Columbus, Ohio, you won’t be sorry. There are tons of interesting things to do. Learn more here.

German Village

Due to the large immigration of German citizens in the mid-1800s, Columbus has a fantastic German Village area. Just a couple blocks south of downtown, you will find charming stores, German-style brick houses, and cobblestone streets. Learn more about Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center in Blacklick, Ohio.

Brewery District

As you might imagine, the Brewery District borders German Village. Historically, it was where the brewery industry took hold in Columbus.

Today you will find authentic German restaurants here such as Schmidt’s Restaurant und Sausage Haus. This place has been passed down through the generations and is housed in an old livery stable. Don’t forget to stop by one of Jeni’s Ice Cream shops. Jeni was the inventor of the Salted Caramel craze that everyone is enjoying these days.

Shadowbox Live

At 503 Front Street in the Brewery District/German Village, you will find our country's largest resident theater company. Shadowbox Live has something for everyone. They present different entertainment options almost every day of the week. Sometimes it's original sketch comedy, sometimes it's dance theatre, other times its live rock n’ roll.

Columbus will make you want to come back for more fabulous things to do.

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