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Bexley, Ohio - Popular Ohio Weekend Getaways

Bexley, Ohio is located on the east bank of the Scioto River in northeast Ohio. Bexley is part of the City of Cleveland and is one of the most densely populated cities in Ohio. Bexley has been a favorite summer vacation destination for generations of Ohio families. Its picturesque location, safe neighborhoods, and good quality of life have made Bexley a perennial vacation spot for generations of Ohio families. Learn more here.

Bexley, Ohio is a moderately sized suburban city in Franklin County, Ohio. The estimated population in 2021 was 13,052. Bexley was named one of the best US Cities to be considered a tourist destination by US News and World Report. It is regarded as a cultural center of Ohio because Bexley collects art galleries and Bexley village, home to a world-class museum and an acclaimed arts center. Learn more about Zimmer, Ohio Can Offer You The Best Of Everything.

A significant feature of Bexley, Ohio, is the Bexley Village, which is home to Bexley Village Museum and Bexley, Ohio mansion. Ohio millionaire George Bell, a prominent citizen of Bexley, designed the Bell Family Mansion, located on the grounds of the former Bexley mansion. Bell Family features some of the most famous homes in Ohio.

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