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Causes of back pain

The part of a human back comprises a system of muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, and disks working together to support the body and facilitate movement. Any problem associated with these parts may lead to back pain though in some cases, the real cause may be unclear. General causes of back pain are strain, structural condition, movement, and posture. Columbus, OH can be seen here.


Forcing your body to do heavy duties such as lifting heavy loads, may severely affect your back. The body, just like any other machine, has a maximum working capacity; therefore, you should force yourself with what you cannot do. Applying wrong skills when lifting loads, walking, or doing exercise may also lead to strain. To avoid strain, always use tools and machines where necessary, to make your work easier. Also, take necessary precautions while using tools and machines to avoid injuries. Click here to read about Symptoms of back pain.

What about injuries?

Injury is a major cause of back pain, and if not checked early by a medical expert, may lead to permanent damage. Always take care when carrying out your duties because back pain related to injuries may be server and challenging to treat. An accident has no cause but can be avoided, so take care.

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