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Coliseum X in Columbus, OH

It can be overwhelming for those visiting COLISEUM X for the first time. The complex is located on Neil Avenue downtown and spans nearly an entire city block. From its position in the city's center, COLISEUM X stands boldly amidst the bustling noise, beckoning visitors to come inside and explore. Learn information about Columbus, Ohio.

COLISEUM X consists of two large arenas, one with a seating capacity of over 14,000 people and the other with 10,700 people. The complex also features three additional levels that contain concession stands, retail outlets, and other spaces. Discover facts about Get Lost in the World of LEGO at LEGOLAND Columbus.

The upper levels of COLISEUM X are flush with modern, state-of-the-art features and amenities, including comfortable seating, high-definition video scoreboards, and a professional-grade sound system. For events such as concerts and theatrical performances, the venue also includes additional seating that can be set up on the main arena floor.

Aside from its size and modern features, COLISEUM X is also a great place to come for its variety of entertainment events. From comedy shows to art exhibitions, COLISEUM X hosts something for all ages and interests.

Furthermore, Coliseum X has become known as a first-rate sports venue, hosting various professional and amateur teams. Popular teams such as the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL) and the Columbus Destroyers (AFL)have previously held their home games at COLISEUM X. Many college basketball teams have held tournaments there. Additionally, the venue is often used for high school sporting events and other local tournaments.

Regarding entertainment and sports, COLISEUM X has become synonymous with a great night out in Columbus. From its comfortable seating to its friendly staff, the venue creates a memorable experience for all those who come to enjoy its games and events. With unique attractions like the re-imagined downtown area, ever-changing event schedule, and professional-grade amenities, it's easy to see why COLISEUM X is an icon in Columbus.

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