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Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio: Family-Friendly Childhood Memories

Most people go to art museums for artwork, but there is much more to these facilities than just paintings. The Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio has recently become a popular destination because they offer family-friendly facilities perfect for creating memories with your children. This museum is different from others because interactive activities help engage visitors and educate them about art history. Learn information about Columbus, Ohio.

The Columbus Museum of Art was built in 1878 and is located on the south side of downtown Columbus. The museum offers a wide assortment of educational activities for both children and adults, including art workshops customized by age group or specific interests such as drawing, painting, sculpture making, and pottery throwing, among others! TripAdvisor users have been voted as one of “America’s Best 100 Attractions”. Discover facts about Central Ohio Fire Museum in Columbus: A Fascinating Tour.

Explore some great pieces at one of America's top museums for modern art! The collection includes works by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Warhol, and, more important, artists that have helped define 20th-century American visual culture. Visitors can also experience rotating exhibitions with both permanent collections and exciting additions from around the world! Whether you are looking for a new place to take your children on vacation or just want somewhere fun to visit during spring break this year - discover something new about yourself today at the Columbus Museum of Art!

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