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Columbus, OH’s Nature Is Expansive

Nature Parks Are Vast in Columbus, OH

When it comes to parks in Columbus, the list is extensive. Parks range from national, state to private woodlands. They have a multichoice of events taking place for outdoor recreation. Below is a list of a few parks to keep you busy. Learn more here.

Columbus Commons

This dynamic park is a fantastic place to spend time. Events take place here quite often, ranging from music concerts, picnic sessions to public free yoga classes. This green confinement offers you an ample environment for any outdoor activity you wish to partake. Learn more about Columbus, OH Is Culture Rich.

Goodale Park

It perfectly offers a full package of outdoor fun in one set up as one of the oldest and historical parks. Visitors get to see statues of Dr. Goodale and other exciting things like enjoying the walking trails, spending time at the basketball court, and picnic tables.

Whetstone Park of Roses

Whetstone park also offers a comprehensive fun package from picnic spots, walking trails to playground sections. The common and most adored part of the park is the garden section hosting over three hundred types of rose flowers and other flowers. Visit this section and prove that flowers, especially roses, still hold an essential place in romantic love scenes. Couples throng this section for passionate sessions and weddings.

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