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  • Dr. James Fonner

Discover The Services Offered By A Personal Injury Chiropractor

Having aching a back, neck, and muscles can be devastating. If the injury results from negligence, filing for compensation is vital. Yet, it can be tasking when you aren't adequately compensated. At First Choice Chiropractic LLC in Columbus, Ohio, we offer various services to alleviate the pain while getting the maximum reward. Learn more here.

Auto Injuries

When involved in an accident, it is scary to deal with the insurance company, repair your vehicle, and treat various personal injuries. If the injuries are severe, we can help you ease the pain and file the right document for the claim. Get in touch with our personal injury chiropractor for superior assistance. Learn more about Primary Benefits of Visiting Our Personal Injury Chiropractor.

General Care

When the pain seems to recur after an injury, you can visit a chiropractor for preferential treatment with non-surgical procedures. Regardless of the cause of personal injury, we can help you get the necessary care you deserve.

Work Injuries

While you are at work and involved in an accident, it can be taxing getting the treatment needed. First Choice Chiropractic LLC has the solution you are searching for. We have the skills to provide the necessary care and eliminate the problems fast without surgical treatments.

If you are looking to live a pain-free life after an accident, call us today (614) 418-7122.

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