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Encountering Columbus, OH Rich Past: A Visit to the Ohio History Center

The Ohio History Center is the perfect place to experience Columbus, Ohio's rich and vibrant past. It houses an array of artifacts from the state’s history and a variety of exhibits and interactive displays. Visit this link for more information.

Visitors are invited to explore the history of Ohio from a century-old lockhouse along the Ohio-Erie Canal, a replica of an early pioneer cabin, and an ancient Iroquoian village. Along the way, you can learn about the contributions of fascinating Native Americans and the stories of courageous settlers who worked hard to make this land their own. Read about An Unforgettable Experience Awaits You at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus, OH here.

The Ohio History Center is also home to the most extensive collection of artifacts linked to Christopher Columbus in the country. Visitors can follow in the footsteps of the explorer and walk along the original Route of Discovery displayed on the museum’s maps.

Another museum highlight is the Hall of Fame, which honors the incredible achievements of Ohioans throughout the centuries. The breakthroughs and triumphs of luminaries such as Dave Thomas, John Glenn, and Annie Oakley are all celebrated.

The Ohio History Center offers guided tours that add an extra layer of understanding and appreciation of the past. From the Civil War displays to the interactive exhibits, visitors can gain insight into the state's past and its important role in the nation's history.

Visiting the Ohio History Center is an educational and exhilarating experience for people of all ages. Not only does it provide an opportunity to understand and appreciate the remarkable past, but it also serves as a reminder of the great gifts Columbus, Ohio, has to offer.

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