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Exploring the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio, is a treasure trove of the state's rich historical heritage. Operated by the Ohio History Connection, the center serves as both a museum and the organization's headquarters. It offers visitors a comprehensive look at Ohio's past, from prehistoric times to the present. Learn more here.

Exhibits and Collections

The Ohio History Center boasts an extensive range of exhibits that cater to history enthusiasts of all ages. One of the standout displays is the "Ohio: Centuries of Change" exhibit, which explores the state's evolution through various artifacts, interactive displays, and multimedia presentations. Visitors can learn about Native American history, the impact of European settlers, and Ohio's role in major events such as the Civil War and industrialization. Learn more about Experience the Excitement of Lou Berliner Sports Park in Columbus, Ohio.

Another popular exhibit is "Dinosaur Gallery," where visitors can marvel at life-sized dinosaur skeletons and fossils, offering a glimpse into the prehistoric life that once roamed the region. The "1950s Building the American Dream" exhibit allows guests to return in time and experience a mid-20th century Ohio neighborhood, complete with period-specific homes, cars, and memorabilia.

Educational Programs and Events

The Ohio History Center is not just about static displays; it also offers a range of educational programs and events designed to engage and educate the public. These include workshops, lectures, and hands-on activities for children and adults. The center frequently hosts events such as the "Curators' Tour," where visitors get an in-depth look at specific collections and behind-the-scenes insights from the museum's curators.

For families, the center provides interactive programs that make learning history fun and accessible. "Ohio Village," an outdoor living history museum adjacent to the center, recreates a 19th-century Ohio town where visitors can interact with costumed interpreters and participate in period-appropriate activities.

Research and Archives

In addition to its exhibits and programs, the Ohio History Center houses an extensive archive and library, making it a valuable resource for researchers, genealogists, and history buffs. The archives contain a vast collection of documents, photographs, maps, and manuscripts that chronicle Ohio's history. Researchers can access these resources to uncover personal histories, conduct scholarly research, or simply satisfy their curiosity about Ohio's past.

Visiting Information

The Ohio History Center is conveniently located at 800 East 17th Avenue, just a short drive from downtown Columbus. It is open Wednesday through Sunday, with varying hours, and offers ample parking for visitors. Admission fees are reasonable, with discounts available for seniors, students, and children. Memberships to the Ohio History Connection provide additional benefits, including free admission and discounts on special events.

In conclusion, the Ohio History Center is an essential destination for anyone interested in exploring the rich and diverse history of Ohio. Whether you're a lifelong resident or a curious traveler, the center offers an engaging and educational experience that highlights the state's historical significance.

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