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Fear Columbus in Haunted House, Ohio

We never thought that our house could be haunted. But, ever since we moved in, we've had strange things happen that we just couldn't explain. At first, we thought it was just our imaginations playing tricks on us. But, after a while, we realized something else was going on. Learn more here.

It started with little things, like the doors slamming shut on their own or the lights turning off and on by themselves. But then, things started to get more serious. We would hear strange noises in the middle of the night, and things would go missing, only to turn up in weird places. We even started seeing things out of the corner of our eyes. At first, we tried to ignore it and just live our lives as best we could. But it was getting harder and harder to do that. The haunting was becoming increasingly aggressive, and we started feeling scared. We knew we had to do something. We decided to call a ghost hunter. They came and investigated, and they told us that our house was haunted. They said that the ghost was a woman named Sarah who had died in a car accident. She was trying to tell us something, but they couldn't figure out what it was. We tried to make peace with Sarah, but it was no use. The haunting continued, and we couldn't take it anymore. We finally decided to move out, and we haven't looked back. Learn more about Ridgewood Park in Ohio.

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