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Nature Center in Columbus, Ohio

Welcome to the Nature Center in Columbus, Ohio! Nature Center in Columbus, Ohio is an educational facility and a reliable source of learning about the area’s natural environment and its inhabitants. Nature Center in Columbus, Ohio is a great way to learn about the beautiful and diverse flora and fauna in the area. Classes and field trips are offered to teach children and adults about the area’s native species, habitats, and conservation efforts. See more here.

Classes are offered on a variety of topics related to the natural environment. Examples of classes include a course on local wildlife and plants, a course on basic birding, a course on the native insects of Central Ohio, and a course on pond management. Field trips are also offered and can be tailored to meet the needs of the participants. The Nature Center also provides a variety of outreach events, including lectures and presentations on topics such as wildlife conservation, habitat preservation and biodiversity. The Nature Center also partners with local schools and organizations to provide environmental education opportunities. The Nature Center in Columbus, Ohio provides habitat management services to promote the health and well-being of native wildlife. These services include invasive species management, habitat preservation, wildlife monitoring, and the maintenance of trails and eco-friendly trails. The Nature Center also assists in the documentation of rare species and the identification of threatened and endangered species. Read about The Attractive Things of Ridgewood Park in Westerville, Ohio here.

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