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Ohio History Center: Preserving Ohio’s Rich Heritage in Columbus, OH

Situated in Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio History Center is a testament to the state's vibrant past and cultural legacy. This renowned institution serves as the headquarters for the Ohio History Connection, dedicated to preserving and showcasing Ohio's diverse history through engaging exhibits, educational programs, and archival collections. Information can be found here.

Exhibits and Collections: A Journey Through Ohio’s Past

The center houses exhibits spanning Ohio's history, from ancient times to the present. Visitors can explore artifacts, photographs, documents, and interactive displays that highlight significant events, industries, communities, and influential figures that shaped the state's narrative. See here for information about Goodale Park: Columbus, Ohio's Historic Urban Oasis.

Educational Programs and Outreach

With a commitment to education, the Ohio History Center offers diverse programs, workshops, and events tailored for all ages. These initiatives foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Ohio’s rich heritage, engaging schools, families, and history enthusiasts.

Archives and Research Facilities

Home to an extensive archival collection, the center provides researchers access to invaluable resources for historical research, genealogy, and scholarly pursuits. The archives contain manuscripts, newspapers, maps, and more, serving as a vital hub for those delving into Ohio's past.

Preservation and Future Endeavors

Through ongoing preservation efforts and innovative initiatives, the Ohio History Center continues to expand its collections, ensuring the safeguarding of Ohio’s legacy for future generations. It remains a vital institution, preserving the essence of Ohio's history and culture while offering an immersive experience that captivates and educates its visitors.

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