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Pickerington, Ohio - Visit This Ohio City, If You Are Looking For Distinctive Fun

Pickerington, Ohio, sometimes referred to as Pickerington around the lake or Pickerington on the Ohio River, is located about an hour north of Columbus. This community is home to approximately two thousand residents and is an established community since the 1800s. Its history includes the development of manufacturing in the area and the beginnings of numerous institutions of higher learning. These include the Pickerington State University, Pickerington Community College, and Pickerington University. Further facts about Columbus, OH can be found here.

Pickerington, Ohio boasts of many attractions, including the Pickerington Lighthouse, which is over one hundred and fifty years old. The Lighthouse features a beautiful view of Pickerington Beach in Ohio River County. The city has a lot of local activities which makes it a good place for families to visit. One of them is the Cedar Point Amusement Park, one of the finest Amusement Parks in North America. The Cedar Point Amusement Park offers thrilling rides, video games, arcade games, pool tables, kiddies clubs, picnic areas, camping, and much more. Apart from these, other notable places like the Pickerington City Hall, Pickerington City Cemetery, Pickerington, Ohio Historical Society Museum, Pickerington, Ohio Statehouse, and Pickerington, Ohio City Museum. Click here to read about Exciting Sites To Visit in Groveport, Ohio.

The Pickerington, Ohio, city has some excellent facilities for shopping, including a Laundromat and Freecycle. Apart from this, the Pickerington, Ohio Public Library features a fine collection of reference and non-reference books, DVDs, and other groups. For information on Columbus schools, you can contact the Ohio Department of Education for details. The Pickerington, Ohio Schools rank number 34 among the seventy-five schools in Ohio, and the Board of Education appoints the principal. The city is served by the Cleveland Schools, Cedar Point, Uniontown High School, and Warren Central High School.

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