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Scioto Mile Fountain: A Highlight of Downtown Columbus


The Scioto Mile Fountain, located in downtown Columbus, Ohio, is a prominent feature of the Scioto Mile, a network of parks, bikeways, and pedestrian paths along the Scioto River. The fountain, situated in Bicentennial Park, is a key attraction, drawing both locals and tourists. Columbus, OH can be seen here.

Design and Features

Unveiled in 2011, the Scioto Mile Fountain is one of the largest interactive fountains in the United States. It covers 15,000 square feet and features over 1,000 jets of water. The fountain's design includes a central jet that can shoot water up to 75 feet high. The programmable jets create dynamic water displays, synchronized with colored lighting to provide stunning visual effects, particularly at night. Click here to read about Topiary Park and Aquarium: Unique Attractions in Columbus, OH.

Interactive Experience

The fountain offers an interactive experience for visitors, especially children who can play in the water during warm months. The water features are designed to be accessible, inviting people to cool off and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Events and Activities

The Scioto Mile Fountain is a focal point for numerous city events and festivals. The annual Columbus Arts Festival and Red, White & Boom! fireworks celebration are just a couple of the many events that take advantage of the fountain's scenic setting.

Community Impact

The Scioto Mile Fountain has become a symbol of urban revitalization in Columbus, contributing to the area's appeal as a recreational and social hub. It enhances the downtown landscape, providing a picturesque setting for relaxation and community gatherings.


The Scioto Mile Fountain is a beloved landmark in Columbus, offering a blend of aesthetic beauty, interactive fun, and community engagement. It continues to be a central piece of the Scioto Mile, enriching the urban experience for residents and visitors alike.

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