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Take a Magical Journey Through Columbus' Amusement Parks

Columbus, Ohio, is renowned for its beautiful and thrilling amusement parks that have delighted and mesmerized generations of families with memories created from a magical day in the park. The city's amusements selection is considered among the best in the world, offering a unique variety of rides, attractions, and entertainment for all ages and interests. With attractions such as roller coasters and waterparks to more whimsical and family-friendly activities and themes, Columbus’ amusement parks have something for everyone. Further facts about Columbus, OH can be found here.

An experience that is worth exploring is Scene75 Entertainment Center. This state-of-the-art entertainment center provides various activities such as racing go-karts, bowling, arcade, video games, laser tag, and more. For an adrenaline rush, Scene75 is home to the tallest indoor Sky Trail Ropes Course in the Midwest and a virtual reality roller coaster. The Ropes Course is a network of rope bridges, beams, and ropes that flow from the bottom of the 4-story facility and up to the top of the mezzanine, allowing participants to travel the entire building and experience amazing views of the entire Columbus skyline. After a visit to Scene 75, take a trip to Magic Mountain. This family-friendly amusement park features an array of slides, carousels, pizza, ice cream, and more. Their iconic wooden coaster, the "Raging Bulls,” allows for a thrilling ride down steep drops, heart-pounding curves, and fantastic airtime. But that’s not all; with more than 30 attractions, Magic Mountain offers something for everyone, from children’s rides and attractions to family-friendly dining. Click here to read about Discover the Thrill-Filled Adventures Awaiting at Columbus, Oh Amusement Parks.

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