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The Attraction of Inniswood Metro Gardens in Ohio

Inniswood Metro Gardens is a botanical oasis tucked away amidst the hubbub of busy Westerville, Ohio. It is a delightfully peaceful park that serves as a strategic botanical resource, offering both education and environmental balance. With over a hundred acres of open land, the Inniswood Metro Gardens are the perfect place to relax, learn and connect with nature. Further facts about Columbus, Ohio can be found here.

The history of innovation and thoughtful design create a unique atmosphere at the Inniswood Metro Gardens that cannot be found elsewhere. The park was founded in 1930 by Mary Ingraham, an avid garden enthusiast, and horticultural philanthropist. As she looked for a place to call home for her glorious garden, Ingraham chose the historical site of Inniswood as the perfect center for horticultural exploration and to inspire strength, growth, and imagination in others. Since its inception, the Inniswood Metro Gardens have been a draw for both locals and visitors alike. Through the years, the park has grown in both scope and size, adding new features that keep the park interesting and captivating. Visitors now find themselves strolling along wooded paths lined with spectacular gardens and featuring an array of vibrant and diverse plant life. The park contains five themed gardens, including the Woodland Wildflower Garden, InnisWood Garden, and the Herbal Demonstration Garden. The newest addition is the Scented Rose Garden, which introduces guests to a wide variety of beautiful roses with tangible and captivating scents. Click here to read about LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus, Ohio.

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