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The Attractive Things of Ridgewood Park in Westerville, Ohio

Ridgewood Park in Westerville, Ohio is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon. Located near the banks of Alum Creek, the park is a natural escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From hiking trails to playgrounds, this urban sanctuary has something for everyone – from the hardcore outdoors people to the tranquility-seeking families. So, why is Ridgewood Park so appealing? Let’s take a look at some of the park’s many attractive features. Further facts about Columbus, Ohio can be found here.

First and foremost, the park’s views are breathtaking. Tall trees provide a canopy of green, ensuring privacy, while creating a tranquil atmosphere. For those who want extra privacy, the park also offers several secluded picnic spots, such as the little-known Apple Shelter. With plenty of tables and benches, the Apple Shelter is the ideal spot for a quiet lunch break or a romantic al fresco dining experience.In addition to its natural beauty, Ridgewood Park is a great place to stay active. With over five miles of trails, the park has something for everyone. Whether you enjoy a leisurely stroll or a more strenuous hike, the park’s varied terrain is sure to provide the perfect route. Additionally, the park offers numerous outdoor activities, including basketball courts, horseshoes pits, and a Frisbee golf course. Click here to read about Wyandotte Winery in Columbus, Ohio.

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