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The Unexpected Charms of Bexley, Ohio: A Visitor's Guide

Bexley is a small town located just east of the state capital of Columbus, Ohio. Despite its small size, Bexley offers abundant experiences that visitors cannot help but enjoy. From its top-notch entertainment and dining opportunities to its lush natural escapes, Bexley is a great place to visit and take in all the unexpected charms it has to offer. Learn information about Columbus, Ohio.

If you're looking for a spot to start your Bexley adventure, you can't go wrong by visiting The Main Street Bexley. This small town's main thoroughfare is home to many unique stores, restaurants, and art galleries, all located within a compact area. Spend some time strolling down this historic street, exploring its many corners, and discovering all the unique stores, boutiques, and eateries. While there, be sure to check out The Old Northwood Americana store located in downtown Bexley. Offering various items from vintage clothing to antique furniture, The Old Northwood draws visitors from all over the country and boasts one of Ohio's best antique collections. If you're looking for something a little more adventurous and off the beaten path, look no further than Bexley's Eagle Creek Park. This public space was once the site of a cattle ranch and is now the proud home of a magnificent alpine-style ecosystem. The trails and paths cover nearly two miles of rugged terrain and are a great way to take in the local scenic landscape and wildlife. Frequented by hikers, bikers, fishermen, and birdwatchers, Eagle Creek will provide a fun-filled day trip for all its visitors. Discover facts about A Weekend in Worthington, Ohio: Reasons to Visit.

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