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  • Dr. James Fonner

Types of back pain

Back pain can either be acute or chronic. Acute pain comes with sudden and temporary symptoms. On the other hand, chronic pain will return regularly, taking a long time to relieve, may also be unpredictable and hider you from carrying out your daily activities. Back pain can generally be categorized as thoracic back pain and middle back pain. See more here.

Thoracic Back Pain

The body is made in a way that it has a thoracic spine, which composes of twelve vertebrae where the ribs are attached and can, therefore, be referred to as “upper back.” There is a distinct difference when back pain is compared with middle back pain, neck pain, and lower back pain. Thoracic pain has may probably be caused by a more underlying condition. Some of the signs of thoracic pain include; See here for information about When to seek back pain medication.

  • Fever

  • Sudden weight loss

  • Noticeable deformity

  • Tingling in the legs and lower body

  • Severe stiffness mostly in the morning hours

Middle Back Pain

This type of pain mostly occurs between the lumbar region and the rib cage. The sign and symptoms of middle back pain may not be diagnosed easily and can be frustrating in chronic cases.

Other types of back pain include lower (lumbar) back pain and neck (cervical) pain.

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