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Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum in Columbus, Ohio: A Photographic Journey

The Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum is a museum in Columbus, Ohio, featuring an extensive automobile collection. It was founded by the Hagans family in 1952 and contained over 200 cars from around the world. The museum provides visitors with a glimpse into automotive history while offering demonstrations on car care and maintenance and educational programs for children. This blog post will explore what you can find at this fantastic museum. Columbus, Ohio can be seen here.

This is a great museum to visit if you are into cars. It has lots of old restored vehicles that have been well preserved, and it's got some amazing stuff too! You can even see carriages used by royalty back when they didn't have any other form of transportation around the city to get from place to place. People highly recommend this museum for anyone who loves classic autos or just appreciates vehicle history overall. As a bonus, plenty of pictures are taken throughout the years, so you can see how cars have changed through the years. Click here to read about Jack Nicklaus Museum in Columbus, OH: Historical Home of One the Greatest Golfers.

Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum in Columbus, Ohio: A Photographic Journey Wagner-Hagan's Auto Museum is located at 3419 Lexington Ave. in Columbus, OH, which houses over 100 classic cars from the 1920s to 1970s. In addition to its unique collection of vintage automobiles, including Cadillacs and Packards as well as more common models such as Chevrolets and Fords, the museum also features a 1940 Chevrolet gas station with original pumps, a large display dedicated to motorcycles dating back nearly 120 years and many other exciting pieces of automotive memorabilia throughout its 18 themed galleries. Since he was 16 years old, the owner has been collecting after his grandfather passed away, leaving him an inheritance that included four Model T Fords.

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