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Wells Park in Newark, Ohio

Nestled in the rolling hills of Licking County lies Wells Park in Newark, Ohio. Established in 1867 by David and Vigil Wells, the park has grown to become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering camping, recreational activities, and a wide variety of attractions. Learn more here.

Whether you are looking for a leisurely picnic, a vigorous game of Frisbee golf, or just a relaxing day at the lake, Wells Park has it all. Located just minutes from downtown Newark, Wells Park gives visitors the perfect opportunity to explore the botanical gardens, take a canoe ride along the river, or just take a stroll through the park’s many trails. Wells Park features a great many attractions and activities to fill your day. The park has a number of recreational areas designed specifically for different activities. There are the athletic field and tennis courts, perfect for sports enthusiasts, as well as a playground area for the little ones. There are also a variety of trails to explore, ranging from easy hiking trails to a challenging mountain bike course and a wheelchair-accessible trail available for those with disabilities. An annual highlight of the park is the Peace of Nature Festival, which takes place in the spring. This diverse celebration includes food, music, and art, all celebrating the beauty of nature. The festival draws visitors from all around the area, including from nearby Columbus and Lancaster. Learn more about Altitude Trampoline Park- Heath, Ohio.

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