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Wells Park in Ohio

Wells Park in Ohio is a wonderful place to explore, relax and enjoy activities in a beautiful natural setting. Located in Perry County, Ohio, Wells Park is nestled among rolling hills and offers plenty of outdoor activities for visitors. From hiking and biking trails to outdoor picnic areas and pond fishing, Wells Park has something for everyone. Learn more here.

The history of Wells Park dates back to the late 1890s when three brothers, George, John, and William Wells, bought the property. The brothers then set out to make Wells Park a popular recreational spot with sports fields, a swimming pool, and merry-go-rounds. In 1934, the area was designated as Wells State Park. Today, Wells Park provides visitors with many fun activities. The park's four miles of hiking trails include paths wending through wooded areas as well as areas of open meadows and meandering through a wildlife sanctuary. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts will love the variety of birds and wildlife inhabiting the park, including wild turkeys and white-tailed deer. Read about Forry Preserve in Heath, Ohio here.

Wells Park also offers plenty of other activities. Anglers can enjoy fishing from the banks of Sleepy Creek Pond, where bass and bluegills can be caught. Picnickers can enjoy a relaxing lunch after their exploration of the park, and mini-golfers can test their skills at the mini-golf course. For the more adventurous, Wells Park also has two challenging disc golf courses.

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