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Westerville is a neighborhood in Columbus, OH that is mostly residential. There are many homes in the area, but there are also plenty of restaurants and shops nearby as well. In addition to these common locations, there are plenty of attractions and things to do nearby as well. Learn information about Columbus, OH

Dripping Rock Trail

This beautiful place is a great location to take a walk and get some fresh air. You can enjoy the hiking trails, wildlife, and open spaces with plenty of room to run. There are also picnic areas that make this park a good place to plan for special events. Discover facts about Columbus.

Ohio Railway Museum

If you or someone in your family loves trains, you may want to check out the Ohio Railways Museum. Here you can learn about the history of trains in Ohio and see some photos and information about the various types of trains that ran and still run through the state.

If you are going to be visiting Columbus, OH and want to visit a nice neighborhood in the city, be sure to check out everything Westerville has to offer. You can visit some of the above attractions or explore other aspects of the neighborhood if you choose.

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