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Central Ohio Fire Museum in Columbus: A Fascinating Tour

The Central Ohio Fire Museum in Columbus is a fascinating destination for any history buff or anyone interested in firefighting. This museum features more than just information about the history of fires and the development of firefighting; it also includes many interactive exhibits exploring what firefighters do, how they train, and some of the equipment they use to help save lives every day. The Central Ohio Fire Museum has something for everyone. Learn more here.

The Central Ohio Fire Museum provides visitors with an up-close and personal look at the history of firefighting. The facility, which opened its doors to the public in 2001, was created exclusively for educational purposes and has been designated as one of Central Ohio’s top destinations to visit by TripAdvisor. This museum houses two floors full of exhibits and artifacts from different eras and periods where firefighters were involved in some way or another. There are many items on display such as uniforms, equipment used back then (including pumpers [engines], hose carts, etc.), antique radios used during incidents to communicate between companies), tools like axes (nonpowered) and axes (powered), fire poles, ladders, helmets, and more. Learn more about Exploring the Orton Geological Museum in Columbus, Ohio.

The museum is dedicated to the history of firefighting. The goal here is to help people understand how important this job was while also remembering some heroes who have lost their lives on duty. You will find an impressive collection of vintage equipment at the site that you can’t see anywhere else out there. There are engines, trucks, aerial ladders for several different eras starting from 1817 until today. Visitors can get a chance to learn about all these pieces since they come with detailed descriptions next to them, along with several photos showing exactly how things worked back then or what kind of materials were used by firefighters.

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