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Exploring Imagination at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus


Situated in Columbus, Ohio, the LEGOLAND Discovery Center offers a world of creative wonder for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. This indoor attraction provides an immersive experience that celebrates the beloved plastic building blocks. Discover more about Columbus, Ohio here.

Interactive Play Zones:

The center is a hub of hands-on activities, featuring multiple themed play zones that encourage visitors to build, play, and explore. From constructing towering structures to racing LEGO vehicles, each area sparks creativity and teamwork. Click here to read about Discovering Godown Park: A Hidden Gem in Columbus, Ohio.

MINILAND and Creative Workshops:

MINILAND stands as a captivating centerpiece, showcasing intricate cityscapes and landmarks crafted entirely from LEGO bricks. The center also hosts creative workshops, allowing guests to learn advanced building techniques from skilled LEGO model builders.

4D Cinema and Adventure:

An exciting 4D cinema adds an extra layer of entertainment, combining 3D films with sensory effects for an immersive movie experience. Themed adventure rides within the center offer additional thrills for visitors.

Retail and Café:

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center features a LEGO shop stocked with a wide range of sets and merchandise, while the café provides a space for families to refuel with snacks and refreshments.


From imaginative play areas to awe-inspiring displays, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus is a haven for creativity and fun, igniting the imaginations of visitors and fostering a deep appreciation for the world of LEGO.

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