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Highlighting the Topiary Park in Columbus, Ohio

There is something unique and special about the city of Columbus, Ohio, and the stunning Topiary Park it has to offer. Located in the city’s downtown area and overlooking the Scioto River, this beautiful garden is something to behold. Discover more about Columbus, Ohio here.

The Topiary Park is located on Town Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio. It is a place of history and beauty stretching back to November of 1990 when the park was dedicated and opened to the public. It truly is something special. The park encompasses over 6 acres and is home to more than 130 metal frames and over 500 yews – either trimmed or still growing. These metal frames are used to create different animals, plants, and notable figures, such as the celebrated Impressionist painter Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny. The centerpiece of the park is “The Garden of Surprises,” a recreation of Monet’s garden as it was back in 1908. The garden includes a single meandering path that mirrors the size and pattern of the original garden’s path, providing a unique journey for each and every visitor. Along this path, each visitor can find focal points such as a gazebo, a lily pond, a Japanese bridge, a maze, a turret, and some hidden animals in the hedge, like a tiger, a swan, and more. All the elements of this garden can be found in the world-renowned paintings of Monet. Click here to read about Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio.

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