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Indian Mounds Park in Columbus, Ohio: An Attractive Place

When most people think of Columbus, Ohio, they think of the state capital and home of The Ohio State University. Many people don’t know that Columbus is also home to Indian Mounds Park, a beautiful park that is rich in history. Learn more here.

Indian Mounds Park is located on the east side of Columbus, just a few minutes from downtown. The park is home to 18 Native American mounds, which were built by the Hopewell people between 100 B.C. and A.D. 500. The mounds were used for burial purposes and as platforms for ceremonial buildings. The park also features a large restaurant area with a playground and picnic tables. The views from the park are breathtaking, and it’s a great place to take a walk or just relax. If you’re looking for a unique and interesting place to visit in Columbus, Indian Mounds Park is definitely worth a visit. Columbus, Ohio, is home to many tourist attractions, one of which is Indian Mounds Park. The park is located on the west side of the city and is a great place to learn about the area's history. The park is named for the Native American mounds that are found throughout the park. In addition to the mounds, the park also has a nature trail that takes visitors through the woods. The trail is a great place to see wildlife and learn about the plants that grow in the area. Learn more about Schiller Park in Columbus, Ohio.

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