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Savoring Flavor at Elliot's Wood Fired Kitchen & Tap in Newark, OH

Elliot's Wood-Fired Kitchen & Tap, nestled in the heart of Newark, Ohio, is a culinary hotspot that promises a delightful dining experience. Specializing in wood-fired cuisine, Elliot's offers a unique blend of rustic charm and contemporary flair that appeals to locals and visitors alike. Information can be found here.

Wood-Fired Delicacies: A Culinary Adventure

At Elliot's, wood-fired cooking takes center stage, infusing every dish with a distinctive smoky flavor that tantalizes the taste buds. From artisanal pizzas with perfectly charred crusts to succulent steaks and seafood, each item on the menu is carefully crafted to showcase the natural flavors of the ingredients. With an emphasis on quality and creativity, Elliot's promises a culinary adventure that leaves a lasting impression. See here for information about The Works: A Hub of Innovation and Exploration in Newark, OH.

Craft Beverages: A Toast to Good Times

Complementing the delectable cuisine is Elliot's impressive selection of craft beers and cocktails. With a diverse array of options to choose from, including local brews and seasonal specialties, there's something for every palate. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or a cocktail aficionado, Elliot's offers a beverage selection that enhances the dining experience and encourages guests to savor every sip.

Warm Hospitality: A Welcome Atmosphere

Beyond the exceptional food and drinks, what truly sets Elliot's apart is its warm hospitality and inviting ambiance. Whether you're dining with friends, family, or colleagues, you'll feel right at home in the restaurant's cozy interior or spacious outdoor patio. The attentive staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every guest feels welcomed and cared for, making each visit a memorable one.

Community Engagement: A Commitment to Newark

In addition to its culinary offerings, Elliot's is also committed to giving back to the Newark community. Through partnerships with local charities, fundraisers, and events, the restaurant strives to make a positive impact and support those in need. By dining at Elliot's, patrons not only enjoy a fantastic meal but also contribute to the betterment of the community—a win-win for everyone involved.


Elliot's Wood Fired Kitchen & Tap is more than just a restaurant—it's a destination where good food, good drinks, and good times come together in perfect harmony. Whether you're stopping by for a casual dinner or a special celebration, Elliot's promises an unforgettable dining experience that delights the senses and nourishes the soul. So why not plan your visit today and discover why Elliot's is Newark's premier destination for memorable culinary adventures?

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