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The Importance of Wyandotte Winery in Columbus, Ohio

Wyandotte Winery has been an institution in the city of Columbus, Ohio, since 1873. It has been the cornerstone of the wine industry in the state of Ohio, providing a unique selection of wines, craft beer, and spirits to satisfy customers in the city and beyond. Wyandotte Winery has been credited with bringing the craft beer and wine scene to Columbus and helping cultivate what is now an amazing, thriving craft beer and winemaking movement throughout the state and beyond. Learn more here.

The first thing one notices when walking into Wyandotte Winery is the overwhelming selection of wine and beer. Their wine selection spans all styles, from sparkling and white wines to robust red and sweet dessert wines. Their beer selection features a wide variety of craft and imported beers, from global favorites to local favorites. The selection of spirits is no less amazing; Wyandotte offers top-shelf spirits, mixers, and specialty liquors for any occasion. Wyandotte Winery is also known for its unique tasting experiences. While the main Winery location only offers scheduled seated tastings, their off-premise locations offer an atmosphere and experience that can’t be found anywhere else. A great example of this is the Off-Premise tasting room in German Village, which is a cozy and comfortable space that allows customers to relax. They have a full bar, but also feature a wide selection of specialty barrel-aged wines, crafted spirits, and hard-to-find craft beers. Learn more about Fear Columbus Haunted House in Columbus, Ohio.

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