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Topiary Park and Aquarium: Unique Attractions in Columbus, OH


Topiary Park and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio, are two distinct attractions offering unique experiences to visitors. Both sites reflect the city's commitment to blending art, nature, and education. Information can be found here.

Topiary Park

Topiary Park, officially known as the Topiary Garden at Old Deaf School Park, is a living recreation of Georges Seurat's famous painting, "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte." Opened in 1992, the park features 54 topiary figures, including people, boats, and animals, meticulously sculpted from yew trees. The 7-acre garden is a serene urban oasis, offering a visual and botanical delight that attracts art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. See here for information about Columbus Museum of Art: A Cultural Treasure in Ohio.

Educational Programs

Topiary Park provides educational programs and tours that delve into the art of topiary and the history behind the park's creation. These programs are designed for various age groups, making it a family-friendly destination.

Aquarium (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium)

While Columbus itself does not have a standalone public aquarium, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, located nearby in Powell, OH, serves this purpose. The aquarium section of the zoo features diverse aquatic exhibits, showcasing marine life from around the world. Visitors can explore habitats such as the Shores & Aquarium region, which includes manatees, sea turtles, and colorful tropical fish.

Community and Events

Both attractions host numerous community events. Topiary Park is a popular venue for outdoor events, concerts, and art festivals, while the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium offers interactive experiences and educational programs about marine conservation.


Topiary Park and the Aquarium at the Columbus Zoo provide enriching experiences that combine nature, art, and education. These attractions highlight Columbus's unique offerings and commitment to cultural and environmental stewardship.

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