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Unlock the Hidden Treasures of the National Heisey Glass Museum in Newark, Ohio

The National Heisey Glass Museum in Newark, Ohio, holds many hidden treasures that can be explored. Here, guests can discover an array of antique glass creations from the Heisey Company and exciting details about this glass production powerhouse. From its 19th-century origin to its continued legacy, the National Heisey Glass Museum has a host of treasures to share. Information concerning Newark, OH can be discovered here.

The museum is a true treasure trove and offers tours of the grounds and the original Heisey glassworks. Guests can walk amongst the original pieces of machinery used to shape the glass by hand, still presented as it was nearly two centuries ago. From the press for stamps to the heated tanks for annealing, the machinery remains a picture of the glassmaking process that powered the Heisey Company’s lightning-fast growth and worldwide acclaim. Discover facts about Experience Newark, Ohio: An Insider’s Look at Moundbuilders Country Club.

Coupled with the original machinery, guests can also glimpse the rarest items produced by the Heisey Company. From majestic punch bowls to a first-edition Indian trails collection, the National Heisey Glass Museum has assembled some of the best-preserved glassworks produced. Recently, new pieces have been added to the collection, offering a fresh glimpse at some of the stunning products created by the Heisey Company.

In addition to the stunning works of art displayed in the museum, numerous interactive exhibits are available for guests to explore. From a lesson in everyday life and contributions of the glassworkers of the Heisey Company to virtual 3D showings of the original design patterns, guests can learn a great deal about the Heisey Company’s history and heritage.

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